Off to Dallas!

Above: Middlebury Boys and Girls Club Keystone members (left to right) Courtney Maher, Jacob Schaaf, Bre Miller, and Julia Mumford enjoyed time at the national conference in Dallas.

Middlebury Teens Attend National Conference in Dallas, Texas

This spring, Middlebury teens had the amazing opportunity to attend Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s National Keystone Conference in Dallas, Texas. The Keystone Conference brings together Boys & Girls Club members from around the country who participate in their local Keystone Club – an after school leadership group for teens that focuses on character development, career preparation, academic success and service to community.

At the Conference

Four Middlebury Club teens attended this year’s conference where they were able to meet, network and learn with other teens from around the United States.

“My favorite part of attending the conference was meeting new people,” said 9th grader Jacob Schaaf. “It was great to learn about other Boys & Girls clubs and what their Keystone clubs are doing.”

From inspiring anti-bullying legislation to increasing access to food in low-income communities, Keystone clubs around the nation are hard at work serving their local regions. In addition to hearing about these projects, Schaaf and his fellow teens were able to attend seminars and workshops and develop skills they can apply in and out of the classroom.
“At the conference, I attended seminars on fundraising, robotics and app development,” Schaaf explained. “I hope that as a team we can use what we have learned to raise the money we need to attend next year’s Keystone Conference.”

National Winners

But learning and meeting new people weren’t the only highlights of their trip to Dallas. While attending the conference, Middlebury teens learned they had taken 1st place in Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s national video contest for Keystone clubs, “Judgment Free Generation.”

With their video, titled “Judgment Free,” Middlebury teens earned the most votes nationwide, earning the first-place title of “Most Recognized Video Honoree.”

“We hope that people who watch our video will learn to be less judgmental of others and that those who are judged will feel better about themselves,” explained Jacob.

Congratulations, Middlebury Keystone Club!