Boys & Girls Club

Help! Homework is coming.

by Lindsay Saunders

Macee Woodworth in front of the Readbox.
Club member Macee Woodworth in front of the Readbox in the Learning Center.

“My brother said math in middle school is so hard.  I’m a little scared.”  –Macee, age 11

Meet Macee. Like a lot of 11-year-olds, she is getting ready for a big transition. School is about to start and for the first time ever, Macee is going to be in middle school!

At the Boys & Girls Club, we look forward to the start of each new school year and the excitement new beginnings like these bring our club members. However, we also know how scary it can be to start a new school, a new grade, or both! That’s why we make every effort to ensure youth in Middlebury have access to academic programs, homework help, and tutoring. These are services all club members, just like Macee, can take advantage of any time.

Life in the learning center

“I visit the learning center a couple of times every day,” said Macee. “I usually go there to read and do my homework.”

In the Boys & Girls Club Learning Center, club members are met by Education Coordinator Amy Fields, who organizes small group academic programs for the Boys & Girls Club and is the first person available to answer questions about tough homework.

“Amy is really nice to talk to,” explains Macee. “She is just a really great person.”
While in the learning center, club members aren’t just provided the opportunity to receive help with their homework, they are also encouraged to help others who might be struggling. For Macee, that means assisting her peers with social studies and English.

“Those are my favorite subjects,” she says. “I really enjoy reading fiction. Moby Dick is my favorite book.”

Advice to Remember

Although she is nervous about entering the sixth grade, Macee does have great advice for her peers who might be feeling the same way:

“When you’re having trouble, just take a deep breath and focus,” she says.

And when that doesn’t work, don’t forget to visit the Boys & Girls Club Learning Center!