Mary Cripe

Mary Cripe Starts Role as Town Manager

mary-cripeWhen the position of Middlebury Town Manager opened up earlier this fall, Mary Cripe felt she needed to at least look into it. “I always believe that when there is an opportunity, you need to look at it. Maybe there is something there for you,” Cripe said. “God has a plan and you need to listen closely.”

It was also time for a change of pace for Cripe and her family.

After more than 15 years as city engineer with the City of Goshen, she was hired as the Middlebury Town Manager and began those duties at the end of October.

The Fremont, Ind., native had an interest in math and science, which led her to study engineering at Valparaiso University. Through her classes at Valpo, she became interested in civil engineering.

Along with her knowledge in engineering, Cripe brings a lot of relationships and partnerships with other agencies and companies from the area, as well as state and federal. “I’m well established with them,” she said. “That brings a lot to the community.”

“Middlebury has a lot going on,” she continued. “It’s a very unique community and there’s potential for it to grow even more.”

Cripe noted that she didn’t have time to get to work with the past town manager to learn the ropes, and has been working her way through records to put the pieces together, along with meeting with the department managers and town council members. “All of them have been as helpful as they can,” she said.

She’s also getting to know the many organizations in Middlebury. “It’s unbelievable all of the groups that support the town. I was floored by that,” she stated.

Cripe encourages people to call or stop in if they have concerns they feel need to be addressed. “My door is open,” she said.