Someone You Should Know

Peggy Hutchison

Middlebury Town Clerk-Treasurer

Born in East Peoria, Illinois, moved to Middlebury in 1985 with family.

“I had worked in a bank for my entire adult life,” Hutchison said. Hutchison worked at a bank in Peoria prior to moving to Middlebury, and then worked at First State Bank.

About being the Town Clerk-Treasurer:
Hutchison was elected as Middlebury Town Clerk-Treasurer in 2011, following the retirement of Sally Nusbaum. “I’m in charge of the town’s financials,” Hutchison stated. “Anything to do with money is my responsibility.” Hutchison attends the Middlebury Town Council meetings along with handling all the state filings, budget work, and invoices.

“My deputy clerks help tremendously,” Hutchison said. Her deputy clerks, Sue Yoder and Kristi Edlund, “make my job a lot easier,” she added.

“I love the small-town feel,” Hutchison said of her life in Middlebury. “The people are great and you can get places quickly.” While working at the bank, she added, she saw everybody in town at one time or another. “When you walk down the sidewalk, you can say ‘hi’ to people and they will say ‘hi’ back,” she said. “I enjoy the friendliness and enjoy seeing people here when they come in.”