Alyssa Hochstetler wins Indiana Distinguished Young Women program

Alyssa Hochstetler wins Indiana Distinguished Young Women program

Northridge High School senior Alyssa Hochstetler saw a long-time dream come true February 18 as she was named the 2017 Indiana Distinguished Young Woman at the event in Kokomo. Still, it came as a surprise to Middlebury’s representative. “I thought I would be in the top 10,” she said Monday. “Everyone there is so polished and talented.”

Hochstetler took top spot in the talent, scholastic and interview on her way to winning a spot in the national program, to be held in Mobile, Ala., June 30-July 1. “I think they were looking for someone well-rounded,” she said. Her marks in scholastic and interview were key for that.

While there, Hochstetler and the other competitors worked with the Kokomo Rescue Mission and toured a local glass factory.

Looking ahead to the national event, Hochstetler said she plans to continue to get stronger in the fitness area of the program, the only portion she felt she didn’t do as well as she could during the state finals.

“And at national, we go to Camp Grace, which is a time for all of us to get to know each other and bond,” Hochstetler stated. “I’m really looking forward to meeting them and getting to know the others away from the competition.”

Good luck, Alyssa!