Northridge Middle School Ability Day

What is it like to try to tie your shoe – with just one hand?

Can you read a chart – if your vision is impaired?

How hard is it to go into and out of a bathroom – when you’re confined to a wheelchair?

And what is it like to take a simple test – when you are autistic?

Northridge Middle School students got a first-hand look at the challenges others face every day as part of the school’s Ability Day. Others attempted to get through doors or reach items in their lockers while seated in a wheelchair. Some tried to wrap a gift using only one hand.

And as an auditorium full of students attempted to take a simple test, they were bombarded with noises, flashing lights and chaos, giving them an example of the sensory-overload that autistic students face.

Eighth graders also spent time with students who face these challenges every day, giving them the opportunity to play and explore in the school’s fieldhouse. The middle school students took their partners around to play with Legos, jump in a ball pit, play dress-up, and more.