Someone you should know in Middlebury

Someone you should know in Middlebury


Sheri Howland

Position: Executive director of the Middlebury Chamber of Commerce since December 2016

Previous work: Sheri served as recreation director for South Bend before taking up a post as superintendent of parks for Goshen, where she worked for 16 years.

She retired in December of last year, but was soon contacted by Middlebury Town Manager Mary Cripe, who had previously been the city engineer for Goshen and had worked often with Howland on a variety of projects around the city. Cripe suggested that Howland apply for the Chamber’s executive director position.

The job: As executive director, Howland serves the Chamber’s members, represents the members at town council meetings and others, and works with economic development locally as well as with the county and state.

She also works to help get members’ businesses out in front of as many people as she can. To that end, the Chamber is unveiling a new website in December.

There are also plans to reinstate the Lunch and Learn series to get information on local events and issues in front of the membership. “They can look at how those issues affect Middlebury and how we can move forward,” Howland said.

What does she like about the job: “There are a lot of great people,” Howland stated. Her time at the Chamber has been a whirlwind, but one she clearly enjoys. “I’m passionate about a sense of community and Middlebury has that to offer. The people have been helpful, and that’s been greatly appreciated.”

“We also have great volunteers in the office that really, really helped me become familiar with Middlebury,” she added.