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Heritage Intermediate School – 4th Grade Teachers

Vickie Emmons and Jessica Barkby

    “They go out of their way to make things work for kids. They reach out to students and their families.” – Principal Kari Dyer

    Fourth grade teachers Vickie Emmons and Jessica Barkby work as one of the teams at Heritage Intermediate School, with Emmons tackling English, reading and social studies, and Barkby handling math and science for 54 students. This is the second year of team teaching at the school, and Emmons and Barkby represent how hard the teams at Heritage work for their students. Both teach writing.

    “We are very like-minded,” Emmons said. “We have done a lot to build our relationship with the kids, and reach them at their hearts and minds.”

    “The kids know we have the same expectations,” Barkby said. “And when they (students) have something exciting, they can share with each of us.” Conversely, when something is wrong, the students can go to one or the other with their problems. They noted that some students will connect more with one or the other, as well.

    “We don’t view them as my kids or her kids,” Emmons added. “The kids don’t view it that way, either.”

    Both teachers praised their fellow teachers at Heritage, and enjoy seeing how each teacher teaches. They all learn from each other.

    Emmons, who has been in education for 26 years, and Barkby, who has taught for 14 years, demonstrate to their students what teamwork looks like. “They see the friendship we have,” Barkby said. “We are constantly in each other’s room.”

    “We are modeling how to work with a partner,” Emmons concluded.

    Sometimes, the best lessons are the ones the students see for themselves in their teachers.