Old Timers Meeting

By Gloria Salavarria

Old Timers Meeting
Enjoying a laugh is the reason why folks keep coming back each year to the Old Timers Meeting. Pictured (L-R): Adeline Graber, Edna Hochstetler, Chris Hochstetler, Sam Graber, and Alvin Miller.

“Remembering When” is what the Old Timers Meeting is all about and it’s fun!

In 1993, Vernon Miller came up with the idea for the Old Timers when he attended a lecture at the Middlebury Library by historian Patrick Furlong, a professor at Indiana University South Bend. After his talk, Furlong opened the session to the audience and people enjoyed this sharing of stories from Middlebury’s past so much that Miller, an avid local historian who ran his family’s cider mill northwest of town, decided to host an annual Old Timers Meeting as a way to get the town’s senior citizens together to enjoy and share stories of what life was like once upon a time in Middlebury.

This year will be the 20th year for this meeting and all are welcome. Folks do not have to pay to attend, nor be born in Middlebury to enjoy and appreciate the stories told of life growing up in northern Indiana, just show up at the Middlebury Town Hall at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, May 13.

The Middlebury Community Historical Society now hosts the event, along with the Vernon Miller family. The meeting is recorded to provide a permanent record of Middlebury people and their stories for future generations.