NHS Transportation Class

The transportation class, led by Kyle Hembree, is the capstone of the engineering classes offered at Northridge and requires several prerequisites to enroll.

“We used Autodesk Inventor which is 3-D modeling software. The juniors and seniors had already been through engineering classes and had a simple machine background,” Hembree said.

The hefty $6,500 cost to participate in the program was entirely raised through fundraising efforts of the participating students. “The students created a marketing pack to show to local businesses. I was really impressed at how much the community was willing to help out, all the way through Elkhart,” he said.

Jet Technologies, Middlebury Produce and B&J Rocket among others were major sponsors.

Other area schools have participated in the program sponsored by Indiana Mathematics and Science Educational Alliance (IMSTEA) for years but this was the first year Northridge had the opportunity to compete. The rookie team was awarded the best first year team, an honor which made Hembree and the students very proud.

The competition was held June 8th at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Each team consisting of 14 students or less was judged based on maximum gas mileage in a competition aptly named, The Super Mileage Challenge.

Building a car from the ground up that gets maximum gas mileage posed a challenge to the students, but through trial and error the class learned critical problem solving skills. “They learned failure was an option. We went through four to five designs for the frame alone. I told the students it’s O.K. to fail as long as you learn something and when you move on you apply it to what you’re doing,” he said.

Once in Indianapolis, the mechanical engineering was not over.“They had mechanical issues when they got there but this is their baby. When there were broken parts they went to work. Nobody complained. I saw a big change in them from the beginning of the year. Back then they got upset when something broke, at the end they just fixed it,” Hembree said.

Aside from problem solving skills and mechanical engineering the students learned marketing, fundraising and communication skills. Many came in to work on the vehicle over their Spring Break. “They were really proud, they took some real ownership which was pretty cool to see,” he said.

The class is hoping to continue the program next year as long as fundraising efforts are met to support the continuation of the transportation class.

NHS August 2013 Update


Picture 001-2 Northridge High School

News from Mr. Troyer, Vice Principal

2013-2014 Fall Registration Information

August 7th:
8:30 am – 3:30 pm

August 8th:
1:30 pm – 9 pm

Every student and a parent/guardian must attend a registration session. Any new student to NHS, including all incoming freshmen, will receive their laptop and school-issued bag during this time. Returning students will be reissued the same laptop computer they had during the 2012-2013 school year during this registration period.

Each new student and parent/guardian will be required to attend a Laptop Orientation Session before receiving their computer. These sessions will start on the hour and run for the duration of the registration period. The last session will begin at 2 pm on the 8th and 8 pm on the 9th. Please allot an hour to an hour and a half to complete all of the required stations including the Laptop Orientation Session. No student will be issued a laptop without completing this required orientation so plan accordingly.

Other Registration Activities Will Include:

• Schedule distribution

• Pictures taken and Student IDs

• Distribution of Student Handbook

• Computer access information

• Parking tags

• Completion of necessary paperwork

• Medical permissions

• Athletic information

• Class Ring /yearbook information

• Mealtime information

• Building tours

Transportation Class – Super Mileage Team

Northridge High School had a new class this past year where students’ primary mission was to design and build a high mileage vehicle to compete against other schools in the state. The transportation class is made up of engineering students who have taken at least 2 engineering courses at Northridge as part of the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) program.

The class worked diligently on all aspects of the car from braking to drive train to the aluminum frame that was welded with help from Northridge students at the Elkhart Area Career Center. Students worked countless hours to design and build the car in order to participate in the big day at O’Reilly Raceway Park in Indianapolis at the end of April. The Indiana Mathematics Science Technology Education Alliance’s (IMSTEA) Super Mileage Challenge had approximately 40 cars entered from 34 other schools in Indiana. This year the NHS Super Mileage Team competed in the stock class, which allows no modifications to the engine. After a long day at the track, the team was able to see their hard work pay off as they completed several qualifying runs (each at 10 laps around the 5/8 mile oval track) and took home the “Best New Team” trophy. Congratulations to the 2012-2013 NHS Super Mileage Team!

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